You have been such an inspiration for me as we worked together on my stuff. Your empathy makes you so great to work with. The work we did together really healped me break through, and so much of it was your ability to relate to my challenges. For those of you on the fence, get on with it and call Darcy!!! I did, and have experienced really amazing results in just 3 months.  -Rob, Detroit Michigan


Darcy is supportive but firm in recommending changes. She holds you accountable without making you feel guilty if you don’t meet all your goals. She has taught me that I can have a fulfilled life without attaching ‘good’ or ‘bad’ feelings to food or myself. I was also educated about the negative process of sugar and processed foods on my body. I now choose high quality foods as opposed to ‘low cal’ low quality foods which  has naturally helped me to lose weight. I have spent most of my life letting what I put in my mouth effect my self worth. I no longer do that. This has helped my stress and anxiety level go down. That time of negativity has been replaced by more joyous feelings amd more postitive energy which I am able to share with my family.  -Sherri, Bainbridge Island, Washington


Darcy is knowledgeable and quick to bring simple common sense and wisdom to complicated and confusing situations. A few of he biggest tangible changes I have noticed in myself since working with Darcy is improved ability to handle stress as my work rapdily increases in this area. My sleep has improved and I have found a better balance for healthy eating, exercise, worklife and homelife. I would highly recommend Darcy to those who have struggled to achieve or mintain personal health and well-being.  -Ron, Bainbridge Island, Washington


Darcy has been my health coach since August 2015. I look forward to our sessions together-she is always so much fun to talk to and I come away with new goals, motivation and ideas. I have always focused on a healthy lifestyle, but just couldn’t seem to lose weight no matter what I tried. I also didn’t have much energy. Darcy quickly discovered what was holding me back and in just 5 months I have lost 30 pounds and feel great! She focuses on the whole person, not just diet or exercise and keeps me accountable with a gentle, yet firm style. -Pam, Suquamish, WA


SMART Goal Setting

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