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‘Sugar’bucks anyone?


Ok, so I know this won’t necessarily be a popular post. We love our coffee drinks around here! However, after my research, I’m convinced that Starbucks should change their name to ‘Sugar’bucks! Maybe that’s not quite as catchy though. I believe that knowledge is power and while I know some may choose ignorance, it is my hope that most will choose knowledge.  My intent is not to tell you never to enjoy a Starbucks Tall Caramel Macchiato again, after all, I live a short ferry boat ride away from Seattle; the birth place of Starbucks…but to educate you on the drink you need to recognize as a special occasion ‘dessert’ instead of a breakfast option or a pre-lunch snack.

Let me break it down a little for you. Sugar, is now known to cause inflammation in the body which can lead to leakstarbucks_2719042by gut syndrome, obesity, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, increase cancer causing cells, addiction and heart disease (to name a few). We get that a donut has sugar, but we forget that the carbohydrates in breads and other foods also break down to sugar in the body. The body can only process about 1 tsp (5 grams) of sugar in an hour without having a major insulin dump. So, with this in mind…let’s take a look at some favorite Starbucks beverages.

For all of these drinks, the information is based on a Tall size and I have included both skim milk and whole milk breakdowns. Note that the whole milk options have slightly less sugar.

Drink Skim (Carbs/Sugar) Whole (Carbs/Sugar) Cappuccino

9.5/8.5 grams


Caffe Latte

15.1/14.1 grams


Caffe Mocha w/whipped cream

33.6/26.4 grams


Caramel Macchiato

25.2/23.4 grams


Vanilla Latte

28.2/26.8 grams


Hazelnut Mocha w/ whipped cream

46.4/39.3 grams


Tazo Chia Tea Latte

33.5/31.7 grams


Signature Flavored Hot Chocolate (my Fav)

45.7/36.9 grams


Iced Vanilla Latte

23.8/21.7 grams


Mocha Frappuccino w/whipped cream

43.4/35.8 grams

No info

Caramel Frappuccino w/whipped cream

46.3/39.2 grams

No info

Iced Caffe Latte

10.0/9.0 grams


Iced Caffe Mocha w/ whipped cream

28.9/21.7 grams


So, how do these numbers convert to teaspoons of sugar? With the Mocha Frappuccino w/whip (skim) 43.4 grams of carbs convert to approximately 8.5 tsp of sugar. 35.8 grams of sugar converts to slightly more than 7 tsp of sugar. So, in our one drink we are putting 15.5 grams of sugar into our system ALL AT ONCE!!!!! Is it a surprise we have so many health issues in our Nation!! I also see kids making Starbucks drinks part of their regular diet without realizing the mess it is creating in their minds and bodies. Remember, knowledge is power and the small changes we make based on new education can go a long way to a healthier, happier you!!

Be looking for another blog about the carbs/sugar in Starbucks food. It might surprise you!!

Please leave a comment below about which drink surprised you the most and any ways you have or can cut these tempting drinks out of your life…it’s not easy!!!
Remember, if you want help or ideas for cutting sugar out or other lifestyle changes, schedule your free consult with me today!

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