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Birth Order

 Birth Order

So, I have spent the last few weeks (maybe longer) pondering the characteristics of birth order. See, here is my dilemma, I was adopted at two and a half weeks old. In my family I was raised with, I am the youngest of two. Recently, I found my birth mom and birth dad. In my birth mom’s family, I would be an only child and in my birth dad’s family, I would be the oldest child. Weird, right? So, I started looking at birth order characteristics. I have never really fit in to many of the youngest characteristics so it was fascinating to learn I had multiple birth order possibilities. Of course, you have to weigh the whole nature vs. nurture thing too.

So, here’s some common characteristics of the oldest, middle, youngest and only child as taken from a article titled How Birth Order Shapes Personality.

See if the characteristics match up with your birth order!

Darcy, Bainbridge Island, swimming

Me and my brother swimming at Grandma’s


Like taking charge (me), have oodles of confidence (me), adults take them seriously (me), highly motivated to achieve (kinda), perfectionist (me), may avoid trying new things because they might not be perfect (otherwise known as fear of failure…totally me!), have trouble admitting when they are wrong (because we never are!)(me),


Hardest to label because they play off the first born and tend to do/be opposite of the first born, good negotiators, agreeable, diplomatic, compromising and handle disappointment well. They have realistic expectations and tend to be the most independent. They also tend to gravitate towards friends outside of the family.


Carefree (me), easy-going (me), fun-loving (me), affectionate (me), sociable (me) and they like to make people laugh (oh my gosh, ME!) They can be more rebellious (me…I fight this all the time, even as an adult),

Only Children

Self-entertainers and often the most creative of all the birth orders, confident, well spoken, pay enormous attention to detail and tend to do well in school. Many are even more susceptible to perfectionism than firstborns and may have a hard time when things don’t go there way (okay, there is the one thing that makes me relate to being an only child…but I think that could be a youngest child characteristic also)

brother, Poulsbo, siblings

My brother and I taken about 5 years ago in Poulsbo, WA

So, you can see by this that I absolutely fit into the first born and youngest categories but not so much the only child description.

Please tell me where you are in the order and if you can relate to any of these and if it has caused any issues or stumbling blocks in your life…It’s all so fascinating to one who fits in all over the place.

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