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These are a few of my favorites…….COOKBOOKS!

I love cookbooks! I’m a cookbook fanatic. I’ve found that I truly only like healthy ones and maybe a yummy dessert one thrown in here and there!

Want to know which ones are currently my favorites!!

For Whole30/Paleo

It starts with Food…by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig. This book is great for giving the why’s behind Whole30. If you are truly wondering what whole30 is about and if it’s right for you..start here

Whole30…by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig. This is the food/eating/lifestyle program of the whole30. It breaks the program down well, let’s you know what to expect daily while on the whole30 and has some great recipes. Including homemade mayonaise! Order it here

Well Fed 1 and 2…by Melissa Joulwan. These two cookbooks are wonderful when doing the whole30 or a paleo plan. While not all recipes are whole30…all whole30 recipes are paleo and these cookbooks are whole30 approved! See them here

Sugar Free Cookbooks

21 Day Sugar Detox and 21 Day Sugar Detox Cookbook…by Diane Sanfilippo. Both of these have great recipes in them that have become staples at our house! For lots of great recipes…look here

The Recipe Hacker…by Diane Keuilian. This cookbook was one of my best finds EVER! This cookbook has recipes without gluten, dairy, soy or cane sugar and they are easy and delicious! Order this one here

Against All Grains (Meals made Simple) and Against All Grans (delectable paleo recpes to eat well and feel great)…by Danielle Walker. Both are gluten free, grain free and dairy free. YUM! Totally family approved recipes!!  Add these to your collection!

What are your current favorite cookbooks? Please leave a comment and tell me! I may need to buy some more!!

SOUP’S ON! A fun soup cleanse is just around the corner!







soup's onYou guys! I had this idea! Actually, it was suggested to me by a dear friend who is frequently cold. Last year around this time-ish, she suggested I do a soup cleanse. I shelved the idea for a bit because I had so many other ideas busting my head open at the time. This past January, my hubs and I did a 7 day juice cleanse. If you know me, you know that I do these often and enjoy them. Not sure what was different about this one, but I didn’t enjoy it and was super cold THE WHOLE CLEANSE!!! Soon after that, the light bulb came on and I remembered Jenny’s desire for a SOUP cleanse! This sounded and still sounds heavenly to me.

So, first things first…why do I do cleanses?

I do cleanses because I believe strongly that our bodies need true breaks from constantly digesting food. This time allows the cells to repair and flush out damaged cells.

I do cleanses because it’s a great way for me to do a ‘reset’ of sorts when my eating may not be as clean and healthy as I want (it’s true…see here for my issues with food).

After I finish a cleanse I feel refreshed and energized.

I love challenges…I derive a certain ‘energy’ from doing them and am proud when I complete them.

I do cleanses so my jeans fit a little better!

Am I always perfect on them? Of course not! Sometimes I don’t make it as long as I have planned or I have a food that I am trying to stay away from for the duration. I don’t make it a huge deal. I just go back to my original cleanse plan asap. I must say, though, the more I have done them, the more often I am successful on them.

So, what’s this soup cleanse about?

1. It’s a semi-cleanse because you will be getting to eat a non-soup breakfast. This is a great way to try a cleanse that isn’t as rigid as a juicing one.

2. It’s a short-ish one…just 5 days.

3. You will be flooding your body with lots of healthy vegetables in an easy to digest form which will help reduce inflammation in your body.

4. I will give you the meal plan and the soup recipes (but you are free to use yummy soups of your own as well as pick the days/meals you want to have them on)

5. You will be supported and encouraged daily by me as well as by other participants in a private facebook group.

6. This is predominately a vegetarian/dairy free plan (as far as the soup recipes go) so if you have ever wanted to see how your body responds on this kind of a diet, this is a fun way to try it.

7. If you want animal protein, you can have it as well as complex carbs for your breakfast meal.

You have time to think about it, ask me questions and maybe pull some of your cookbooks out and check out the soup recipes!

This cleanse will be from FEBRUARY 22-FEBRUARY 26…you can prep for it on the weekend before and be done with it by the next weekend! See…easy peasy!

Come try this with me and give your body a break and help those pants fit a little more comfortably!!



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