Our Plans

Clean/800/4 Club Club

30 days of clean eating, cardio and weight training guidance and accountability.


400/14 Club Challenge

14 days of cardio accountability and body weight core/lower and upper body exercises (with modifications and progressions)


Soup’s ON!

Single participant ($40/for 1)

You and a Friend (25% off each=$50/for 2)


1. Let’s get JUICED!: TBD  $10.00

2. Sugar Blues  FREE 

3. Good Night, Sleep Tight  FREE 

4. Reset, Recharge! FREE

Online Cleanses

Juice Cleanse  10 day online group program $150.00 

Sugar Cleanse 2 week online group program $80.00

Whole 30 30 day online group support program $60.00

Cardio challenge 2 week online group program $80.00

Body Cleanse Boot Camp 4 wk online group program $180.00


Coaching Programs

For Women

1. Strong and Sexy Lite: 6 month GROUP coaching (4+people) $600. This program includes 12 bi-monthly 1 hour sessions with your group and health and unlimited text support where participants will learn tools to live a healthier lifestyle both in diet and movement, utilizing the power of education, goal setting and accountability. Any level of health and fitness is welcome and participants must be ready to take action and fully commit and participate in transforming their life and supporting others on similar journeys.

2. Strong and Sexy Fast Track: 4 month individual coaching $1500.  This program is a more intense and faster moving program than the Strong and Sexy Lite program. In the Fast Track program participants meet weekly for 16 one hour sessions individually with your health coach and unlimited texting support. This program is designed to help you achieve your personalized goals of health and weight loss in a more direct and focused way. Participants should have a clear goal and high motivation and commitment to seeing the success of transformation of health in their life. Goal setting, action steps and accountability are key elements in this program.

3.Strong and Sexy Gold: 6 month individual coaching $1200. This program includes 12 individual bi-monthly meetings with your health coach and unlimited texting support. This program is best for someone with a busier schedule, someone needing a longer period of support or who may need more time in between goals to implement change. This is a great program for someone needing support, encouragement and accountability going through holidays, major life changes as well as other challenging events.

For Men

1. Fit and Focused Lite 6 month GROUP coaching (4+people) $600.

2. Fit and Focused Fast Track 4 month individual coaching $1500

3. Fit and Focused Gold 6 month individual coaching $1200

Weekly Recipe Warriors

1. 4 recipes a week


Bronze: 1 month $50

Silver: 3 months $125

Gold: 6 months $250

Platinum: 12 months $500

SMART Goal Setting

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